Dr Dirk Venter
FRNZCGP, MBBCh, DA(SA), Dip. Skin Cancer Med/Surg (SCCA), Dip. dermoscopy (SCCA)

Dr Venter has a special interest in minor surgical procedures and has been performing no-scalpel vasectomies for many years. He is also one of the first doctors in New Zealand to offer no-needle anaesthesia to his vasectomy patients. "I have been amazed at the difference this technique has made to my patients.” Dr. Venter says. “In my experience, patients feel at most a brief discomfort from the first spray of anaesthetic. Afterwards, they all state that had they known the procedure was this painless, they would have had their vasectomy sooner!"

Dr Venter is based at Henderson Medical Centre; a Cornerstone Accredited medical centre with purpose-built minor surgical theatres that are dedicated to procedures such as vasectomies.

Dr Venter is an affiliated provider with Southern Cross Health Society. This means that if you have medical insurance with Southern Cross, you can apply for pre-approval to have the cost of your vasectomy covered by health insurance. The amount paid by Southern Cross is dependent on which type of policy you have, so it pays to check it out in advance. This same pre-approval process is available for the surgical removal of skin cancers performed by Dr Venter. The total cost of having a vasectomy is also covered by Sovereign Insurance, if you have minor surgical cover with them. Please contact us if you require further information.

Dr Venter is also able to perform the following specialised and surgical services at Henderson Medical Centre:

Dermoscopic imaging and diagnosis of worrying moles
Surgical removal of moles, skin cancers and skin growths
Scarless surgery for raised moles and blemishes
Toe nail resections
Incision and drainage of abcesses
Mirena and IUCD insertion and removal
Ear syringing & ear suction
Joint injections

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